What To Do When You’re Arrested

You’ve heard this before, but here it is again. The best advice I can give you to help yourself when you find you’re being arrested, is to invoke your Constitutional right to remain silent. Contrary to what you might think or what the police might tell you, your remaining silent cannot be divulged to a jury during your case. Some policemen will try to convince you that exercising your right to remain silent will “look bad in front of the Judge,” but this is absolutely, positively untrue. The Appellate Courts have held that it is ok for the cops to lie to you while interrogating you. If you have something to say, tell your lawyer, and he/she can tell the police or the prosecutor at a later date, without any downside to you.

Don’t think you can talk your way out of a jam on your own. Don’t think you can outsmart the cops. They’re professionals who do this day in and day out. They’ve had years of practice, and you haven’t. However, if you read this tip after you make the mistake of talking to the police, don’t feel all is lost. I have been successful in confronting such statements by clients in the past with a number of legal defenses and strategies, even if you CONFESS!