Teens Accused Of Breaking In And Robbing Boca Raton Home

17-year-old Michael Green and 16-year-old Christian Diaz broke into a suburban Boca Raton home last month; they hit something on the head of the teen present at home and robbed him.

The robbers were taken into custody with the help of surveillance footage and witnesses.

According to the victim, after getting back from school on 6th of September, he smoked a marijuana cigarette and fell asleep in his bedroom. Around 4 p.m., he heard the sound of the front door so he left his bed to see what happened. As he left the room, he was pushed against a wall by two “kids” in camouflage and masks.

He started fighting with them; one of the offenders struck him on the head. They took money and jewelry and escaped the scene in a vehicle that was parked nearby.

The victim identified one of them as Green as he was his friend in middle school.

The teen had scratches around his neck, a cut on the back of his head and blood stains on his shirt.

An individual who saw the teens while they were escaping told the cops that one of them was Diaz, who lives in Boca Raton.

It was recorded in the surveillance footage that Diaz and Green entered and then left the home.

They both are charged for burglary and armed robbery. They are being held in the Palm Beach County Jail.

Source: www.palmbeachpost.com

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