73-old woman was shot in the face at Boca Raton traffic light

On Wednesday night, a 73-year-old woman was shot in the face while sitting at a stoplight.

The incident happened at about 11 p.m. and the woman drove herself to the hospital.

An elderly couple reported the shooting incident to a police officer present at a traffic stop at the intersection of Powerline and Glades roads.

The name of the woman was not released by the cops. Police called area hospitals to track down the woman and came to know that a woman had walked into Delray Medical Center with gunshot wounds to her face. Her hand also suffered a gunshot wound.

The woman told the investigators that she was getting back home from a friend’s place in the Century Village complex in Deerfield Beach. She felt strange when she observed a silver Nissan stopped next to her on Powerline Road near Palmetto Park Road. She was travelling north when she stopped at a red light at Glades and Powerline when a man came out of the Nissan and tried to open the passenger’s side door of the her motor vehicle. However, he didn’t succeed, so he took out the gun and she put her hands on her face. The man shot through the window and the bullet passed her hand and injured her cheek.

When she started driving again, the man pursued her and shot once again. She went to the hospital herself for treatment, she told the investigators.

The woman is now in stable condition.

Boca Raton police have given the following piece of advice about the shooting case:

  • If you feel or observe that someone is pursuing you, call 911 without wasting time and drive to a crowded area or to a police station.
  • In parking lots, stay alert and keep check on what is happening in the surrounding. Do not talk or text while walking because it diverts the attention. Mobile phones should be placed where they are easily accessible.
  • Alter the course of direction in order to dodge the suspicious vehicle chasing your car. You can turn right or left in any direction while travelling straight as it is a safe way of escaping.
  • If you feel weird with any individual, go to a place with a large number of individuals and tell someone that you are uncomfortable.

Source: www.miamiherald.com

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