Attorney Randy Berman


I founded this practice with the firm belief that I could provide clients with the best possible criminal defense while maintaining a high level of service.

My successes and client referrals demonstrate that both goals are achievable.

Criminal Defense Experience

My accomplishments are an outgrowth of my extensive trial experience. I have been working in the courtroom for 31 years. I was an Assistant Public Defender for Palm Beach County, serving as the Chief of the Felony Division and later as the Chief of the Capital Crimes (Homicide) Division. Many of the private criminal attorneys now practicing in Palm Beach County were originally trained or supervised by me. Because of this experience in major crimes, I am one of only a dozen attorneys in Palm Beach County who are qualified to sit as the first-chair attorney in First-Degree Capital Murder Cases.

I also worked as an Assistant State Attorney, handling a wide range of crimes. Because of my significant courtroom exposure, I am familiar with prosecutors and judges and the strategies that work best when dealing with them.

I undertake criminal appeals on a limited basis. In these matters, I collaborate with Louis G. Carres, a celebrated Criminal Appellate Attorney with over 40 years of experience and who has personally handled hundreds of criminal appeals throughout Florida. We have achieved noteworthy results in the appellate arena.

Scientific Experience

I am a Licensed Registered Pharmacist, which gives me a great advantage over most attorneys when scientific and medical issues arise.  This expertise allows me to effectively confront and challenge Government expert witnesses in all areas of forensic science, including: Medical Examiners, Crime Scene Technicians, Pharmacologists, Toxicologists, Doctors, Blood Spatter Experts, Fingerprint Experts, Firearms Experts, DNA Experts, Lab Technicians & Supervisors, Breathalyzer Operators and “Certified” Police Officers.

I have been declared an Expert Witness in pharmacy and drug matters in both the State Court and in the Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida, where I have testified for the defense. To keep up on changes in drugs, pharmacology and other pharmaceutical issues, I continue to moonlight as a Licensed Registered Pharmacist for Walgreen’s Corporate Offices in South Florida, consulting with physicians and patients. I make myself available to fellow attorneys on these and other criminal issues, including drug related DUI’s, Prescription Fraud and Doctor Shopping.

Media Attention

My cases routinely draw media attention. Three homicide and one serial rapist defense cases have been profiled on Dale Hindman’s Body of Evidence television program. One of my murder trials was broadcast on Court TV. I later succeeded in obtaining a reversal of the conviction of the lesser, manslaughter in that case.

Additionally, I am occasionally contacted by the local and national media to offer legal opinions on current issues of concern to the public, both on air and in print.

Past and Present Memberships and Professional Associations

  • United States Supreme Court
  • Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
  • Illinois Bar
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Florida Bar Rules and Evidence Committee
  • Florida Bar Criminal Law Section