Can Someone Get His DUI Expunged Or Sealed?

Since Florida does not allow a withheld adjudication for a DUI charge in Florida. A DUI charge that is not dismissed or reduced cannot be expunged. Furthermore, convictions cannot be sealed or expunged.

In some other states, a withheld adjudication does exist for a DUI, qualifying the person for a sealing or an expungement in those jurisdictions. However, Florida prohibits a withheld adjudication for a DUI charge.

If the person resolves the DUI and pleads to the DUI in Florida, then the judge has no discretion and must convict him.

Any kind of conviction precludes the person from receiving a sealing or expungement. Sealing and expungement are reserved to withheld adjudications, dismissals, and acquittals with limitations I previously listed under “What is an Expungement?”

Do Violations Like Traffic Infractions Or Speeding Get Expunged?

A person can probably expunge these charges. However, he probably wouldn’t want to, as this is his only expungement for his life. It doesn’t seem very wise to use it for a minor traffic infraction that most likely won’t cause any problems for his employment status.

Therefore, it can be done, but it isn’t advisable.

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