Boca Raton Man Arrested For Threatening Landlord In Wheelchair With Knife

According to Boca Raton police department, 72-year-old Andrew DuPont was taken into custody on Thursday night after he threatened his landlord with a knife. The landlord was in a wheelchair as he can’t walk.
The incident happened on NE 20th Avenue where DuPont and the victim lived together.
Different stories were told to the police when the victim and DuPont were inquired about what happened.
According to DuPont, he got involved in a verbal argument with his roommate. The victim stood up from his wheelchair and punched DuPont in the face.
When asked by the victim, he told that the argument began due to the money DuPont borrowed from him. DuPont took a large butcher knife and ran towards him.
It is written in the arrest report that as the space between them became less, the victim tried to keep him safe by throwing the knife out of DuPont’s hand with force. “He was in fear for his life and believed that DuPont planned on stabbing him.”
There was also a 3rd individual present in the room who witnessed the fight. He saw DuPont approaching the victim with the knife.
When the cops asked DuPont about the knife, he didn’t admit holding it.
DuPont is charged for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and his bail is set at $3,000.
Court records show that DuPont does not have a criminal history.

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