37-Year-Old Florida Man Has World’s Greatest Criminal Alias Ever

After he was taken into custody on charges of violently resisting a cop, the authorities made sure to list details to show how Jeffrey Forrest Poole looks like including his age.

The alias that Poole used in the past was also included in the description.

Police were reported a domestic disturbance early Sunday morning in the 37-year-old suspect’s home. When the cops approached, Poole was present in the home.

He said to the cops. “I will beat every cop’s ass!”

The cop who took him into custody told, he “raised his right fist and began to extend it towards my face in an attempt to strike me.”

Since Poole was taken into custody and was transferred to the Pinellas County Jail, he didn’t succeed in beating the cops.

Poole was charged with assaulting a police officer and violently resisting a police officer. His bail was set at $5,150 and he is still in jail.

The most interesting thing in the case is that the criminal alias Poole had used in the past was “Dickface Johnson.”

That name showed up due to the reason that Poole was asked if he had any alias or a record on file with that name.

News Source: www.HuffingtonPost.com

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